Our school

In 2016, the school will undertake a number of initiatives/ projects to improve outcomes in teaching, learning and leadership. Some of these initiatives include-

  • Appointing a School-based Instructional Leader to work in the school to lead staff professional learning on a daily basis so that staff continually build their capacity in delivering quality pedagogy in every classroom for improved student learning outcomes.
  • Embedding visible learning intentions and success criteria into all writing lessons in every classroom so that each student understands what their writing goals are to improve, how to self-assess their work to know whether they have met their goals and what they need to do next to continually improve their writing.  
  • Engaging the services of two School Learning Support Officers and a speech pathologist to support the implementation of not only the class teacher's teaching program, but the adjustments for learning required for all students with additional learning needs.
  • Staff professional learning, implementation and the embedding of evidence-based effective classroom systems/practices that build on universal school wide systems so that student learning, engagement and well-being is maximised in every classroom. This is the next phase of implementation in our school's commitment to the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) project.

Special Funding

In 2016, Berkeley West Public School (BWPS) will receive four loadings as part of the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) Equity funds. Funding and resources are strategically used to support students and their learning based on their family's socio-economic background, Aboriginal background and English language proficiency. The school also receives a loading to support students who require low-level adjustments for disability.

This year, the school will also receive Norta Norta funding to support identified Aboriginal students who did not meet minimum National literacy benchmarks in the 2015 NAPLAN assessment. Funding will be utilised to engage a teacher who will employ explicit teaching and learning strategies through one to one tutoring to support student literacy and numeracy skills.

Special Programs or Initiatives

In 2016, the school will continue to support the professional development of it's beginning teachers through strategic use of Beginning Teacher funds. This year, the beginning teacher will utilise the additional hour release from face to face teaching time to continually and formatively reflect on practice across the 7 teaching standards and access the professional learning required to achieve accreditation as a proficient teacher.

Key student outcome improvements since 2012

Through ongoing professional development in, and the implementation of evidenced-based pedagogical practice such as the Language, Learning and Literacy, Accelerated Literacy and Targeted Early Numeracy, there has been pleasing individual progress made by students along their continuums of learning in both literacy and numeracy. Student progress data collected at least every 5 weeks across aspects of the literacy continuum, demonstrates this pleasing individual progress across each Stage. For example, at the beginning of 2015 33% of Year 1 students demonstrated Stage appropriate reading levels. By the end of the year, 78% of these students demonstrated Stage appropriate reading levels. Similarly, 34% of Year 2 students in 2015 began the year demonstrating Stage appropriate reading levels with this increasing to 84% of students by the end of the year.

NAPLAN results and growth vary from year to year and are strongly influenced by the cohort. Pleasing results were achieved by our Year 3 students in 2015 with higher than state average students achieving at proficiency level in reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy.

School Council/Parents and Citizens Association

The school has a small number of committed P&C members who meet on the third Tuesday of every month. They play an important role in supporting school initiatives and programs, not only with funding assistance, but direct assistance with human resources and engagement of students in many extra curricula activities.

The school regularly invites seeks parent input or perceptions in relation to programs or initiatives future paths or directions being considered. The school's Parent and Citizens (P&C) forum also gives parents an opportunity to find out firsthand about ongoing activities taking place in the school and how parents can be involved.

The school does not have a school council.

Community Participation

BWPS works in partnership with other government and non-government agencies in providing quality service to the school community. The school has had a long partnership with the Australian Red Cross in providing a breakfast program every day for students, enhancing nutrition levels to support learning. A long partnership with Families NSW, has enabled the Schools as Community Centres (SaCC) program to operate in our local Community of Schools (CoS) for nearly a decade. Part of this initiative has enabled a playgroup for infants 0-4 to operate within the school, creating opportunities for strong social networks to be developed prior to formal school enrolment. Parent education classes are also regularly run under the auspices of the SaCC.

BWPS is an active participant in the local Berkeley Community of Schools (CoS). The school works in close partnership with its nearby local public schools to organise activities that enhance outcomes for students including enrichment days and quality transition to high school program.

For many years our school has strengthened its relationship with the University of Wollongong through its sustained involvement in the Kids In2Uni program and Uni4Certain projects. These projects strive to not only connect students to the University through class activities and on-campus visits, but inspire students and their families that tertiary education can be accessed and achieved by all, including those from low socio-economic status communities.

Participation from the community is continually sought by our school for school in accomplishing our school's strategic directions, particularly from parents as collaborative and active partners in their child's learning.  Over a number of years, the school has also developed a strong relationship with the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group when developing and implementing key initiatives in its Aboriginal Education

At Berkeley West Public School, the school community works together as a team to deliver quality education through valuing our core goals of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and SAFETY in order to achieve our personal best.

Special Features

The school site hosts one of the Dubbo and Wagga Wagga Directorates Reading Recovery training centres.

The school's stated aim is to foster individual growth through education for self fulfilment in an ever changing society. To this end the school provides an education which fosters cooperation between staff, parents and pupils and encourages pupils to: Develop their individual talents and interests; become responsible for their learning; and develop skills to cope with change. The staff through dedication and reflection aim to: Create a safe and supportive learning environment; and implement a curriculum which fosters tolerance and self esteem. As a school targeted by the Priority School Program (PSP), Berkeley West Public School has special programs operating to support student needs in literacy and numeracy, as well those that promote community awareness and involvement. The school also demonstrates a strong emphasis on programs which support: Student welfare; computer technology; PD/Health/PE; and a cooperative approach to assessment.